Paco Bangkok

Paco Bangkok is a healthy smoothie bowl cafe. It’s located in the center of Bangkok, Sukhumvit 31. The cafe serves various colorful homemade smoothies with many fresh fruits, such as, figs, strawberries and grapefruits. They are a plant-based concept so, they select good quality fruits. Smoothie bowls are finely decorated. Therefore, Paco truly is unique and outstanding.

All You Need is Paco

Paco Bangkok
Paco Bangkok

The cafe was created by the owner, who loves to serve healthy food with freshness and fun. The cafe is little, but designed in contemporary art styles. In other words, a modern art that you will never find anywhere else.

It has pop culture styles, for instance, famous people’s posters on the wall. Similarly, the floors have stylish mosaic tile, having “Paco” word. In other words, fun vibes are all around like their slogan says “All you need is Paco”.

Even the menu is designed under Paco’s concept. General smoothies are on the menu but the seasonal or new bowl, you have to follow their instagram (@pacobangkok) for up to date smoothies.

Aesthetics on Smoothie Bowls

Paco Bangkok

Every bowl is creative and colorful topped with fresh fruits, grains and specialty designed yogurt. Above all, It’s a real uniqueness how they create aesthetics on the smoothie bowls. They are 100% No-sugar and no artificaial colors. That is to say, they are all natural!

Moonshine (320.-)
Paco Bangkok

A yellow smoothie, blended with yellow fruits, such as, banana, pineapple and mango. The pink blend is dunaliella salina. There’s around 240-260 calories .

Blue Magic (320.-)
Paco Bangkok
Blue Magic

A blue smoothie, blended with blue spirulina and fruits, such as, banana and pipneapple. There’s around 190-230 calories.

Rainbowl (390.-)
Paco Bangkok

A rainbow smoothie, blended with blue spirulina and fruits, such as, pitayared, banana, pineapple, rasberry and mango. There’s around 220-240 calories.

Acai (420.-)
Paco Bangkok

An acai smoothie, blended with blue spirulina, dunaliella salina, butterfly pea, chlorella, alfaifa and fruits, such as, blackberry, acai, rasberry, banana, macqui berry, and black goji berry, There’s around 230-260 calories.

Spots for Photos

Due to a wide variety of contemperary styles at Paco Bangkok, it’s very photogenic. However, as much style, and design as this building, the inside is quite small. If you want to avoid crowded time, then visit on weekdays around 10.00 am – 11.00 am.

Photos were taken in August 2019 and Febuary 2020. All right reserved.